Especially lovely that Dan Luzadder, Freedom journalist, is give pay attention to his rag knowingly deconstructed

Especially lovely that Dan Luzadder, Freedom journalist, is give pay attention to his rag knowingly deconstructed

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Especially lovely that Dan Luzadder, Freedom journalist, is give pay attention to his rag knowingly deconstructed

An extremely masterful change from the Mike to the “Heading Clear” panel. All the more demoralizing having Mr. Luzadder is Wright’s respond to and that OBLITERATED one insight which he played timely and reduce towards the products because said because of the Freedom. Once a first-rate, legitimate author now an excellent scientology keyword-goon, you must wonder if the his commitment to his job, not to mention their care about-admiration, have not removed a serious strike not too long ago.

Of several adulations towards the Times panel on going Sure of Mike’s web log – I just made a decision to increase the history one out of Roger. Mike it was delightful observe it and just how eloquent, pleased and liberated everybody had been. Occupations well written. We contrast all of you into paranoid people full of fear off during the local ORG and each time I pick scientologists videoed on line.

I’ve constantly found it unusual that couple of ex-scientologists I have satisfied individually while others heard of on the website are or even well grounded wise some one – once they exit.

COS is within demise places. To me now the question is actually handling the human particles remaining trailing and easing their changeover back into Wogland.

. You to hangs Scientology because of the its line. We’ve got told you how vindictive and you may revengeful the fresh new chapel was… now wade and find out them play it out in step. Perfect!

Zana: I have usually found that more effective solution to struggle exactly what do you believe is wrong should be to hurl their particular terminology back against these to point out hypocrisy. Performs every time and also you probably can not be successfuly prosecuted to possess you to definitely.

I Treasured just how Wright otherwise Mike or Paul desired someone inside the the viewers just go and take a look at the Freedumb Journal

A part that the Freedumb Journal editor requested a question timidly as well as the address simply shielded him within the a keen avalanche. It’s not too late regarding publisher to go away. Just disappear. Yourself-admiration may be worth more people stinking occupations, particularly if you to job is working for a morally broke guy and you may business.

“34 Clears from inside the four to five days” In comparison, you can find at the least a-1,100 Scientologists inside the La making every cuatro-5 months, if not more. Without a doubt, it’s diminishing.

MIKE RINDER: How it happened whenever an official scientology representative made a decision to tell this new basic facts, the entire basic facts and nothing nevertheless truth.

That must have been difficult to stay as a consequence of however you will notice the way in which he requires Lawrence Wright regarding the his reality-checking rigor, is timid whether or not it are anything at all

We dibs the newest liberties to On Radiation. I would like to publish it and then have it toward Funny element of bookstores, in which it belongs.

Incredible, the new gall of those people to post this LRH quote about the value of auditors. You will things be more disgusting?

Sure, the fresh new COS cares regarding auditors! Yes, auditors is actually sooooo rewarding – that’s why the fresh cult continuously alter the fresh new technology and you will forces auditors so you’re able to retrain over and over repeatedly, cancels its certs once they dont follow; that is why an extremely lengthened runway is made for everyone who wants to teach as the an auditor. Sure, needed and need auditors, this is exactly why it is so prohibitively pricey on the mediocre Scientologist to train. This is why Classification 8s are now being used as FSMs and you may IAS shills unlike auditing. That’s why LRH’s Saint Mountain Special Briefing Way is no longer being produced or even offered! For this reason Auditor’s Date is only a enjoy now, if its actually kept anyway.

Also real Aquamarine. Geezer’s I just performed twenty five several hours throughout the chair a week in addition to hold one or two most other posts, having fun with Fdn hours as well. Yeah, We earned to be announced as well as too many anybody else, i generated someone happy with the provider in fact it is an enormous No-no in the miscavige’s industry. Consider trying FES a modern Scientologist’s folder? You would never ever complete all sec checks in place of sickness.

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