Sustainability Short Course™

Hybrid Design—blended classroom and online training combine the best of face-to-face engagement with convenient, affordable play-on-demand presentations.


Many businesses know they need to remain current on sustainable practices to maintain and improve their performance and competitiveness. However, most don’t have the time or resources to research and incorporate it profitably into their operations.


The Sustainability Short Course™ program curates and convenes subject matter experts, distills essential value and delivers it in a convenient, affordable, fast-paced and results-oriented manner. Through presentations, interactive exercises and peer-supported learning, the program offers a profitability road map, early wins and ongoing guidance specific to the needs and opportunities of each organization.


Expected Course Outcomes

  • Improved profitability and competitiveness
  • Development of a profitability/sustainability roadmap, tailored to each business’s needs and opportunities, with 10–30 initiatives across a range of functions and departments, to help guide the business for the next few years
  • Creation of a cross functional asset management team
  • Reductions in energy, waste, water, resources, risks and various business costs
  • Completion of at least one energy efficiency and one other project in the first six months
  • More engaged and satisfied employees
  • More desirable & attractive employers with reductions in retention and attraction costs
  • Improved employee health & wellness
  • Building of the business’ brand
  • Satisfied or greatly satisfied course participants as measured by survey


Course Description

  • Hybrid design—blended classroom and online instruction to optimize personal interaction with efficiency & affordability
  • biz-meetingTen businesses (organizations) per course
  • Two representatives per organization
  • Conference room meetings at three separate course participant venues
  • Course length: Two full days of classroom instruction over three month period, plus additional monthly online curriculum and support over 12 total months to ensure maximum success
    • Kickoff Dinner – Keynote speaker, course overview & inspiration (evening before session )
    • Session 1—full day classroom instruction
    • Session —one month later; full day, working lunch
    • Session #3—one month later; full day, plus lunch or dinner, and celebration
    • Monthly webinars, website knowledge-base and support over 12 months
  • Textbook: The New Sustainability Advantage, by Bob Willard, author and speaker
  • One-on-one coaching with each organization, in-person and by phone
  • Onsite walk-through & evaluation of each business or organization
  • Building energy survey with recommendations by a Certified Energy Auditor (AEE)
  • Two hours per organization of energy efficiency consultation and support
  • Introduction to experienced, local trade professionals in the areas of lighting, HVAC and solar
  • Creation of a cross-functional, sustainability action team (asset utilization team) to help identify & achieve projects quickly and embed sustainability into the culture
  • Tools, exercises and resources to guide participants, enhance innovation and support profitable outcomes
  • Employee engagement and behavior change addressed throughout the course as key factors for maximum success
  • Course participant sharing and interaction along with shared best practices over 12 months
  • Development of commerce, comradery & community among course alumni

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