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Julie Fahnestock,
B Storytelling

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B Storytelling

Writing stories of businesses creating positive impact was what Julie Fahnestock did for fun. From fair trade, to closed-loop, to the locavore movement, Julie has always been committed to promoting the sustainable impact of social enterprises. As the Founder and Sustainability Storyteller for B Storytelling, Julie is in her flow.

The idea for B Storytelling was birthed after Julie spent a summer as the Research Director for Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian, olive oil company. For three months, Julie canvassed numerous Palestinian villages in the West Bank. After interviewing dozens of fair trade, olive oil farmers as part of an impact assessment study by Canaan Fair Trade, Julie was struck by the power of the farmers’ stories. She knew she wanted to somehow converge her love for writing and storytelling with her desire to see business used as a tool for good.The idea progressed as Julie became a Staff Writer for 3BL Media and Just Means, the largest sustainability, online, news outlet. Julie loved telling the stories of positive, corporate impact. She found her favorite pieces to be the first-person interviews with Benefit Corporation and B Lab Certified companies. She was inspired by their commitment to both profit and mission and became eager to tell their stories. In almost every interview, Julie found a need for deeper storytelling and more focused public relations for the B Corp movement.

And thus began B Storytelling.

Julie holds an MBA in Sustainability from Marlboro College Graduate School and is pursuing a Certificate in Storytelling and Content Strategy from the University of Washington. She has ten years of experience in nonprofit management, serving in roles such as Communications Coordinator and Project Director Assistant. B Storytelling marries her understanding of business, brand building and personal convictions.

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