Of about three parts of accountability, which is the very old-fashioned and you may common?

Of about three parts of accountability, which is the very old-fashioned and you may common?

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Of about three parts of accountability, which is the very old-fashioned and you may common?

Title: Ch01–18;F;Pg.19 18. The fresh new delegation so you can and you may oversight regarding affairs by the businesses-authorities, profit-depending firms, and you will nonprofits-is called an effective. federalism. b. personal business connections. c. bureaucratic accountability. d. government because of the proxy.

19. Governmental researcher John Gaus decided that have Woodrow Wilson one splitting up politics out of administration might possibly be done-by enacting legislation one to offered picked officials manage to aid policy you to administrators create simply carry out. a. Real b. Incorrect

20. Policymakers don’t worth a free strings regarding command instead of much more head command over their subordinates. a. Real b. Untrue

21. Residents and you may elected authorities consult a lower life expectancy degree of ethics than simply you to questioned on the private market to possess political designated public directors. an effective. Genuine b. False

twenty two. As the additional authorities companies possess ranged countries it is hard so you can manage a simple selection of professional norms one govern management choices. a beneficial. Real b. Incorrect

1. Most of the pursuing the is actually kinds of various techniques you to definitely identify personal teams out of personal organizations But an excellent. tips out-of show. b. personal scrutiny. C plan formation. d. marketing.

step three. Many standard difference in societal and personal groups, more oversight and performance dimension is actually good. personal scrutiny. c. long-title personnel. d. emphasis on ideal for community.

cuatro. _________ stress guarantee, overall performance, and dealing with by the marketing. a good. Nonprofits b. Individual teams C Societal organizations d. Short providers

5. Societal administration involves An insurance plan creation and rules delivery. b. rules formation, yet not coverage performance. c. rules delivery, although not coverage development. d. neither plan formation neither policy performance.

6. Among center affairs of personal government is the inevitably blurred range ranging from a great. societal and personal organizations. b. federal as opposed to in the world authorities. c. electricity and you can inefficiency. D government and you may administration.

7. The goal getting administrative obligations will be to optimize ______ controls in order to relieve _______ controls. a great. discretionary; internal b. external; inner c. internal; discretionary D internal; outside

Woodrow Wilson’s take on ________ has created a lasting scholarly argument

8. Each of the following the teaches you increased management step for the rules formation But a great. the fresh specialized ability out of agencies professionals. b. the elevated technicality of societal policy. C. brand new decreased part out of legislative engagement. d. the organization out of chief executive’s character given that rules agenda setter.

nine. As opposed to the private field, the general public field try guilty furfling to each and every of following the Except Good global teams. b. legislators. c. courts. d. the public.

10. Each of the pursuing the makes social groups distinct from individual organizations But a. career service. b. publicity. C performance procedures. d. social scrutiny.

11. good. organizational concept b. the difference between social and personal management c. policy execution and you will coverage formation D the newest neutrality off public government

twelve. American citizens started to demand significantly more off authorities An as World war ii. b. as the Industry Battle I. c. just like the time of Woodrow Wilson. d. because period of the Federalist Documentation.

B rule regarding legislation

thirteen. Though elected authorities authorize, head and offer resources towards policy, ______ trusted to help you directors is exactly what translates the new intention of your own statutes to your truth. a good. oversight B plan delivery c. nonprofit management d. societal scrutiny

14. Which of one’s following the is also unproductive to accomplish far regarding certainly not meanwhile thus powerful one to behavior can be produced randomly rather than owed techniques? an excellent. around the globe groups b. individual teams C bureaucracy d. social causes

fifteen. Government’s character from inside the area is so pervading it was termed “the management county” of the ______ in 1948. a beneficial. Barry Bozeman b. Woodrow Wilson c. Honest J. Goodnow D Dwight Waldo

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