Too many businesses are missing too many opportunities that are smart, easy and profitable. One of the reasons Applied Sustainability Group was formed is to address the avoidable costs and opportunities below :

“Cutting U.S. energy use by 20% could save $80 billion annually, slash emissions and create thousands of jobs.”—U.S. Dept. of Energy

“Typical business could improve profit by at least 51% to 81% within three to five years using current best practice sustainability approaches.”—Bob Willard, Author: The New Sustainability Advantage

“Almost all of the technologies necessary to meet our Global 2020 emission reduction requirements EXIST TODAY.”—Carbon War Room

“Highly engaged employees are 250% more likely to do something good for the company that’s unexpected of them.”—Temkin Group Research Study of 2,400 U.S. employees

“Effective wellness programs can improve employee health and reduce employee expenses with benefit ratios of 3.6 to 1, for every dollar spent.”—Preventive Medicine 2015 (in review)

“Climate change is one of the greatest wealth-generating opportunities of our generation.”—Sir Richard Branson

Our team of seasoned business and sustainability veterans from a range of disciplines brings experience, knowledge and practical wisdom to accelerate profitable change. Whether your business is seeking improvements in the built environment, social environment or on a project specific basis, we have the skills and talent to deliver on your vision.

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