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70% of Employees Are Disengaged; costing US businesses $1.9 Trillion/year.

Gallup 2023

Are you leaving employee engagement, innovation and profitability to chance?
Our Sustainability Short Course™ could be your most cost effective solution.

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More Profitable

Research shows companies that embed sustainable practices into their core business model tend to become more profitable.

Sustainability Made Easy

Applied Sustainability Group distills complex information and provides action-oriented guidance for successful, near-term implementation. Numerous case studies and our experience confirm that most companies can achieve significant short-term profits while working towards larger long-term goals.

Sustainability Short Course™

For businesses and organizations wanting to take a giant leap forward in asset management, employee engagement and profitability, the Sustainability Short Course™ provides a solution.

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The Business Case For Sustainability

  • Bob Willard, a 34-year IBM veteran, is a leading expert on quantifying the business value of corporate sustainability strategies. He helps businesses avoid risks, find opportunities and become more profitable.

  • Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era, a book by Amory B. Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute, explores how U.S. buildings could become 50% more energy efficient by 2050.

  • Who’s Sinking Your Boat?
    Employee engagement drives business results.
    Highly engaged employees are 480% more committed to helping their company succeed.

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Meet Our Advisors & Subject Experts

  • Ann Blake, Ph.D.
    Ann Blake, Ph.D.
    Environmental & Public Health Consulting

    Ann Blake is an independent consultant with over 20 years of experience finding safer alternatives to industrial chemicals in global manufacturing.

  • Kym Cadle
    Kym Cadle
    Coaching and Consulting

    Kym is the founder of Pure Ambition, a coaching and consulting firm focused on enabling individuals and organizations to do their best work…

  • Aaron Pope
    Aaron Pope
    Sustainability and Environmental Educator and Advisor

    Aaron is a consultant, and the former Manager of Sustainability Programs at the California Academy of Sciences…

  • Scott D. Lutocka, Piazza Produce, Inc.
    Scott D. Lutocka, Piazza Produce, Inc.
     Facilities Manager & Zero Waste Achiever

    Scott successfully created a Zero Waste Program that allowed Piazza Produce, Inc. to be the first Wholesale Foodservice Produce Distributor…

  • Steve Raney, Cities21
    Steve Raney, Cities21

    Steve has more than a decade of experience in transportation product/project management, planning, analysis, and software development…

  • Julie Fahnestock,<br />B Storytelling
    Julie Fahnestock,
    B Storytelling
    Founder & Sustainability Storyteller

    Writing stories of businesses creating positive impact was what Julie Fahnestock did for fun. From fair trade, to closed-loop, to the locavore movement, Julie has always been committed to promoting the sustainable impact of social enterprises. As the Founder and Sustainability Storyteller for B Storytelling, Julie is in her flow. The idea for B Storytelling…

  • Kim Ryle, Applied Sustainability Group, LLC; Energy Benchmark Services
    Kim Ryle, Applied Sustainability Group, LLC; Energy Benchmark Services

    Kim is a certified energy auditor and former Sr. Account Manager with 25 years at Pacific Gas & Electric Company. He managed a portfolio of customers ranging from residential and small businesses to power sensitive, high-tech customers, numerous cities and agencies and some of the largest businesses in the PG&E system. Over his career he…

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